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  • You may have an idea about what you're looking for but come with an open mind.  We may suggest some styles for you to try and you might be pleasantly surprised by something different from your original thought.

  • Bring along a couple of friends or family to help you make your decision.

  • If you're on a budget, let us know.  We will avoid showing you dresses you can’t afford. Falling in love with a style outside your budget is never easy.

  • We allow approx 75 minutes per appointment so you have plenty of time to try before you buy.

  • Be aware that, should a dress need to be ordered in a different size or coulour to that in store, the wait time could be up to 12 weeks.  Make sure you book your appointment with plenty of time before your occasion.

  • Enjoy yourself!


We've completed our facelift and have now reopened ready for the 2022-23 season!

We look forward to booking an appointment for you soon.

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